The Vincent J. Apruzzese Mock Trial Competition is sponsored by the New Jersey State Bar Foundation in cooperation with Gloucester County Bar Foundation and other county bar foundations throughout New Jersey. The competition is open to New Jersey high school students. To enter the competition, the high school completes an entry form and sends it to the New Jersey State Bar Foundation by November 15. 

Competitions at the local level are organized through the County Mock Trial Coordinator. The County Mock Trial Coordinator for Gloucester County is Gary D. Thompson, Esquire. Each high school team requires a teacher-coach and a lawyer-coach. A competition team consists of two student attorneys and three student witnesses. In addition, each team should bring six student jurors to each competition.

The mock trial competition is based upon a fictitious mock trail case. The case file is contained in the mock trial competition workbook. The file contains statements of facts, pleadings, investigation reports, statements of witnesses, expert reports and other documents. The students prepare for the competition by studying the mock trial case and developing a theory of the case similar to how a real attorney would prepare a case. 

The mock trial is a simulated trial with opening statements, direct examination and cross examination of witnesses and closing arguments. The students must apply simplified rules of procedure and evidence during trial. The performance of the team is evaluated by judges and recorded on score sheets.

Winners at the county level compete in a regional competition. Winners of the regional competition then compete in the statewide semi-finals. Winners of the semi-finals advance to the statewide finals.

Please contact The County Mock Trial Coordinator for Gloucester County, Gary D. Thompson, Esquire, for more information:

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