The Gloucester County Bar Foundation co-sponsors the People's Law Forum, a public education television program, along with the Gloucester County Bar Association. John Mondelli, a teacher-director from Gloucester County Vocational School, organizes vocational students who tape the program for broadcast by Comcast Cable. This television program is produced by members of the bar association and bar foundation. 

The People's Law Forum started broadcasting on channel 5 of the Comcast Cable Network in Gloucester County in 2003. It airs about once per week at various times. The program features interviews with local attorneys and members of the Gloucester County Bar Association on all areas of the law, including zoning, planning, criminal law, civil law and bankruptcy. People's Law Forum part I consists of 13 programs. People's Law Forum part II consists of 12 programs. The producers are currently working on People's Law Forum part III which will feature a series of 4 or 5 panel discussion on current legal affairs, such as, appointment of Supreme Court legal justices.